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Truth Art Beauty strives to be completely transparent about each element of our product. We approach skin care the same way we approach food: products should be made fresh, using unprocessed, all-natural ingredients, without any synthetic chemicals. For us this means:
No synthetic chemicals, No synthetic preservatives
Our products are healthy and non-toxic
We do not chemically refine our ingredients
Our naturally derived ingredients retain their botanical bioactives
Over 95% of our ingredients are organic
Organic ingredients deliver more antioxidants and phytonutrients than their conventional counterparts
Each product has a “made on” and “use by” date
Freshness ensures that ingredients are delivered to your skin with all of their bioactives intact
We do not use cheap filler ingredients like water & juice
Leads to a dense, nutrient rich product and also eliminates the need for chemical preservatives
Our unique customization method allows you to experiment with the art of creating your own blend, by selecting ingredients tailored to your specific preferences. This results in a customized, handcrafted blend that has a higher level of quality and personal relevance compared to mass manufactured products.
We believe in an authentic, natural approach to skin care. Using a pure, natural product not only leads to a healthier body, but also better results. Our fresh, nutrient-rich products are more effective in restoring and protecting your skin.