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We are two friends who bonded during business school over a shared love of skin care and beauty products. Emily had been mixing her own skin care blends for over 10 years. Unlike most products on the market, which consist primarily of water (over 80% on average) and are filled with synthetic chemicals, Emily's products were natural, pure, and contained only active botanical ingredients. Caron, who has a background in the beauty industry and had tried virtually every product on the market, immediately fell in love with Emily's blends. She also realized that with conventional skin care products, she had been paying over $100 an ounce for water!.
And so the idea for Truth Art Beauty was born. A brand that rejects cheap fillers and synthetics and is committed to using the highest quality ingredients. A brand that stands for authenticity and transparency. Our concept is simple: skincare, like food, should be pure and natural, without additives. The result is a product that is not only healthier, but also makes a visible difference in the appearance of your skin. And by enabling our customers to select their own ingredients and build their own blends, we are empowering them to learn exactly what's going onto their skin, and into their bodies.

We hope that you will enjoy creating your own blends and using products that are pure, natural, and specifically tailored to your needs.

Emily and Caron